Our Clay At Home kits contain everything you need for a creative night in. Great for date nights, or as a unique gift for friends and family. Whatever the occasion, our kits will be sure to provide you with some quality time and a unique piece of pottery. Perfect for beginners with tutorial booklet included! Boxes are recommended for 1-2 people.

Each basic kit contains:
- 2 bags of premium air dry clay (approx. 900g each)
- Set of sculpting tools
- Sponge
- 2 paint brushes
- Tutorial booklet
- 50ml tub of sealant
- 50ml tub of white paint

Looking for something a bit more special? Choose from additional paint options:

Standard (primary):
- 3 x 50ml tubs of paint (red, yellow, blue)

Premium (pastels):
- 3 x 50ml tubs of pastel paint (random selection: pastel yellow, pastel pink, pastel orange, pastel purple, pastel blue, pastel green)

Premium (Christmas):
- 3 x 50ml tubs of paint (red, green, gold)

Gift notes can be added free of charge. Let us know in the personalisation box.

Clay at Home kit

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